Founded in 1995

Surpass Trading Company Limited (卓越行有限公司) founded in 1995, committed to provide excellent, reliable, and healthy drinking water equipment. We are an agent of the US drinking water equipment, national drinking fountains and accessories, providing professional sales, site installation and customer service. Our Clients include domestic, commercial, industrial and office buildings, factories, schools, non-profit organizations, charities, community centers and parks.

Our Service


We provide installation service with experienced technical specialist.

  • water filter system (NSF certificated)
  • water cooler
  • water fountain
  • instant boilers
  • pipe connectivity
  • replace water filter cartridge, etc.


We provide several type of maintenance to satisfy customer in Hong Kong.

  • Replace failure drinking water faucet/water filter
  • Replace failure water dispensers
  • Replace parts of water dispenser
  • Replace with European joints & fittings


We provide cleaning service for water coolers, fountain, instant boiler, etc.

  • Cleaning with safety chemcial remover
  • Quickly remove limescale

please contact us for more information.


We offer 3 plan of warranty.

  • 1 year warranty
  • 3 year warranty
  • 5 year warranty (replace water faucet, water pipe, water filter head for FREE after 5 year replacement)

please contact us for more information.

Become Sole Authorized Distributor in 2013

Surpass introduced brand new water filter system “Body Glove” which is made in USA by Water inc. At the same time, Surpass became Authorized Sole Master Distributor for Body Glove Water Filtration Products in Hong Kong, Macau & China.